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Hands in Harmony Skin Aestheticians are highly trained Skin Professionals and specialise in normalizing and maintaining healthy glowing skin.


42 steps signature treatment
The iconic PAYOT treatment created by the brand's founder Dr. Nadia Payot, the 42 steps signature treatment, stimulates the skin’s vital functions. 
A combination of unique movements and legendary expertise, the treatment includes 42 individual steps that stimulate the respiratory, muscular, lymphatic, vascular, and cutaneous systems.
Balancing, dynamic, extensive, rhythmic, and varying, the 42 steps signature treatment is like choreography performed on the face by the hands, creating a relaxing and destressing experience 
Ideal for
All skin types

Les Essentiels Beauté​​

Skin coaching treatments
PAYOT’s Les Essentiels Beauté meet all of your skin's essential needs like hydration, brightness, nourishment, and cleansing. A one-hour treatment for your skin issues, except for the two 45-minutes ‘flash’ treatments. There are eight Les Essentiels Beauté especially for your needs:
♢ Éclat Essentiel, an energising skin-brightening treatment for dull skin
♢ Hydratation Essentielle, an intense cocooning hydration treatment that plumps up dehydrated skin
♢ Nutrition Essentielle, a highly nourishing cocooning treatment for dry skin
♢ Pureté Essentielle, a purifying treatment for clearing up problem skin
♢ Douceur Essentielle, an intense soothing anti-redness treatment for reactive skin types
♢ Optimale Essentiel, customisable treatment for men
♢ Flash Nettoyant, an express detox cleansing treatment for all skin types - 45 mins
♢ Flash Hydratant, an express quenching treatment for all skin types - 45 mins
Ideal for
All skin types

Les Absolus Beauté

High-precision expert treatments​​
From even skin and anti-wrinkle effects to firming, the Les Absolus Beauté treatments preserve natural beauty.
This treatment corrects and prolongs the skin’s natural beauty through three unique treatments:
♢ Liss Absolu, an anti-wrinkle rejuvenating peel that acts on wrinkles and fine lines
♢ Lift Absolu, an anti-ageing firming treatment that acts on loss of skin elasticity
♢ Pure White Absolu, a relaxing anti-dullness and anti-age spot treatment
Ideal for
All skin types


For specific skin concerns look at our Advanced Skincare Ranges

Hair Removal

At Hands in Harmony your choice of Hair Removal technique is not based on dollar value anymore. Over a short period of time, IPL is now more affordable than waxing. Exclusive in Townsville the new Intense Regulated Pulse Light (IRPL), the next generation of Permanent Reduction Hair treatment. Painless and Safe. So safe that it works on Blonde hair as well as on Dark Skin (Fitzpatrick V )

If it's not, Hand in Harmony is offering a full range of waxing services performed with CARONLABTM high-quality wax for immediate and professional results.
The IRPL® technology introduces a new dimension to conventional IPL: the flash is electronically controlled.
Because of this new innovation, the light emitted remains constant throughout the length of the flash. This uniformity allows a complete control of the
 heat generated on the treated area, which enhances the results and the safety of the flashes.
The IRPL® can go further in the control of the flash configuration. Indeed, within a single flash it is possible to generate sub-flashes of different intensities. It offers unprecedent therapeutic possibilities, which were inconceivable with conventional IPL.


                                         Waxing               IPL
Full Legs                       $52                  $195
Half legs                       $36                  $110
3/4 Legs                       $45                  $135
Underarms                 $20                  $40
Lower arms                $28                  $95
Full arms                      $38                  $125
Brazilian                       $55                  $60
Bikini line                     $28                  $40
G-string                        $38                  $55
Brazilian + underarms  $60          $90
Bikini + underarms         $40          $80
Half Leg + bikini               $52          $140
3/4 Leg + bikini                $60           $155

IPL 6 sessions Program 

Full Legs   (6 x $162)                 $972
Half legs   (6 x $88)                    $528 
3/4 Legs   (6 x $108)                 $648
Underarms   (6 x $36)              $216
Lower arms   (6 x $79)             $474 
Full arms     (6 x $100)              $600
Brazilian    (6 x $59)                   $354
Bikini line   (6 x $36)                  $216
G-string     (6 x $36)                   $216

Brazilian + underarms              $450
Bikini + underarms                     $438
Half Leg + bikini                           $672
3/4 Leg + bikini                            $744


                                    Waxing               IPL
Upper Lip                 $13                  $28
Chin                            $10                  $28
Lip + Chin                $20                   $40
Middle Brows                                   $15

IPL 6 sessions Program
Upper Lip   (6 x - $25)                   $150
Chin       (6 x - $25)                           $150
Lip + Chin   (6 x - $36)                   $216
Middle Brows (6 x $13.50)        $81


Eyebrow wax                                        $22    
Eyebrow tinting                                  $13
Eyelash tinting                                     $22
Eyebrow wax/lash+brow tint      $44
Eyebrow + lash tint                           $30
Eyebrow + lip wax                             $30
Eyebrow + lip + chin wax               $38


​Man chest from               $60                  $120
Mankini from                    $55                  $80
Man back from                 $40                  $130
Man Full Beard                $70                  $140

IPL 6 sessions Program
Man chest from      $576 - $96 each
Mankini from           $438 - $73 each
Man back from        $624 - $104 each
Man Full Beard       $672 - $112 each
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