Hands in Harmony is Townsville's Exclusive Partner of
  1. Remedial Massage
  2. Gift Voucher
  3. Pregnancy Massage
  4. SPA Treatment
  5. Agumentaire Body Sculpting
  6. Argumentaire Day SPA
  7. Payot
  8. Title 8
Hands in Harmony offers 26 years experience in replenishing your spirit and restoring a healthy glow with MASSAGE and BEAUTY treatments.
It is your exclusive location for NEW BODY CARE PROGRAMMES with REMEDIAL and REJUVENATING treatments.
We offer the opportunity to enjoy the sensorial delight of massage with the revitalising experience of silhouette modelling to harmonise the body, mind and spirit.
We specialise in
A complete range of Aromaterapic treatments and products recommended for anyone looking for a full beauty and well-being program. Learn more....
Body Contouring
A unique approach to take back control of your body shape. You can act on 3 levels; Skin resurfacing, muscular support and dietetic life style. Learn more about our Care Plan . . . .
PAYOT 's Research & Development Centre  develops treatments that respond to real beauty issues. Following a quality
charter and controls, each development stage is based on strong ethics that inspire and dictate our commitments
. Learn more....


Our practitioners are dedicated to create the necessary space and time for emphasizing preventative medicine and treatments that restore healthful physiology, and for providing with integrative care. Learn more . . . .
Various Remedial and Relaxation techniques to relieve pain and tension in the muscles which are triggering self  healing of the body such as sport and deep tissue massages, dry needeling and reflexology. Learn more....
Relax Today
Come in or call to book at your most convenient location in Townsville

The City, 3/291 Findlers St,
Phone 07 4772 0031
With 2 access points -
Upstairs at Findlers St (lift available)
From the rear via Sturt St

The Casino, The Ville Resort
Sir Leslie Thiess Drive
Phone 07 4722 2375
Located pool side